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European Mobility Week 2023

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Granada joins the European Mobility Week with dozens of activities jointly planned by the City Council of Granada and the Consortium of Metropolitan Transport in the Area of Granada.


Check the whole new at, check up the European Mobility Week 2023 page in Granada or download the Programme of EMW2023 on PDF.

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Granada joins the European Mobility Week with dozens of activities jointly planned by the City Council of Granada and the Consortium of Metropolitan transport in the Area of Granada to arise conciousness in citizens about damaging effects of excesive use of private vehicle in the city and show benefits of use of sustainable transports, improve quality of air, recover public spaces for people and promote a more safer mobility. Under the same slogan of the last year, Mix and Move, the theme chosen this year by the European Commision is Energetic Efficiency.

The programme has been presented this morning in the City Council of Granada by the Mayoress, Marifrán Carazo and the manager of the Consortium, César Díaz, beside the Council Delegate of Mobility, Ana Agudo.

This is the first time that the schedule of activities of the European Mobility Week has been made in cooperation between the Consortium of Metropolitan Transport and the City Council of Granada. To the Mayoress, Marifrán Carazo, great challenges to achieve a more sustainable mobility and the resulting improvement in quality of air must be faced with coordinate work and institutional cooperation of all administrations involved , because we are all strived in improve quality of life of our neighbours, that travel between Granada and the Metropolitan Area.

Carazo, who also has remarked the inclusive participative character of many activities scheduled, has announced that on September 22, matching with International Car Free Day, urban bus lines 4 and 5 will be free, and also will be metropolitan transfers of the Consortium of Transport, to ease citizen mobility. The Mayoress has pointed out the importance of involvement of several groups in the European Mobility Week, that consider essential the commitment and awareness of grenadines to encourage the use of public transport and the correct use of personal mobility vehicles, PMV.

This Town Hall is firmly committed with improvement of quality of air and reduction of acustic pollution that, as you know, are closely related to health and quality of life of grenadines.

For its part, the manager of Consortium of Transport, César Díaz, has pointed out the multimodality of our tickets, like Green Card, the only card that can be used in interurban and urban transport, Light Rail, and even to hire a bike, in the end for all types of transport in Andalusia, included the catamarán. César Díaz has underlined the informative talks in secondary schools, high schools and professional training that will be carried out in the 51 municipalities of the Consortium , to promote the use of public transport in our displacements , that we truly want to keep in the future.

In respect of activities scheduled, there will be sport shows, guided routes on foot and on skates, contests, workshops, exhibitions or one of the staractivity, the Classic Bicycle Night Route organised by the City Council in cooperation with Balakook, that will take place on Saturda 16 starting at 20,30 hour in Paseo del Salón.

Coincidentally these activities are organised revolve around the International Car Free Day that takes place on September 22 to change our way to move in a more sustainable way -on foot, on bicycle, PMV and public transport- and sensitize citizens about the improvement of people quality of life changing their mobility habits, creating new spaces for residents and decreasing emmissions to the atmosphere, qualified Carazo.

The programme begins on Saturday 16 September, at 11 hours in Paseo del Violón with a skate route for kids; also and during all day -from ten in the morning to ten in the evening- will take place in Plaza del Campillo the activity Running and riding for a social cause "Lack of sulphite oxidase Syndrome". For the next day, Sunday, together with a cyclist route around Granada, has been scheduled a route on foot -free tour down con otra mirada- "Old andalusí medina", in cooperation with Asociación de síndrome de DOWN in Granada.

On Monday 18 will be inaugurated in the esplanade of Palacio de Congresos the exhibition New Technologies in Public Transport and will take place two routes: a skate route for adults in Paseo del Salón and another one of guided urban walking trail through Acequia Real de la Alhambra. Also on Tuesday 19 has been programmed another route around the city on foot that, under the slogan Against vegetal blindness will be guided by Eduardo Díaz Prados, graduated in History and master in landscaping and gardening.

Exhbitions, contests, workshops for different skills, awareness campaigns, inclusive walks, photograpy contest, PMV routes with electric skates in cooperatioin with Super Pedestrian or activities focused to awareness in students, complete this programme that includes a traffic cut in Recogidas St. on September 22 -Car Free Day- from 16,30 to 20,30 hours, to ease public participation in all cultural, leisure and sport activities organised by the City Council that day.

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