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Low Emission Zone Granada

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Low Emission Zone in Granada embraces all the city and will affect only non residents without environmental label, dated before 2006.


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The implementation of the Low Emission Zone project in Granada presented on the morning of January 31 2024 by the mayoress of Granada, Marifrán Carazo, and the councillor of Mobility, Citizen´s Protection and Substainability in Granada, Ana Agudo, embraces the perimeter of the city limited by the motorway, that will be in force from April 1st 2025, helping the residents and economic activities of the city, because load and unload vehicles, school transport and discretional passenger transport will be exempted.

Marifrán Carazo announced the proposal raised by the City Council of Granada that will affect only non residents without environmental label with a vehicle dated before 2001 in case of leaded vehicles, or before 2006 in case of unleaded vehicles. Emphasizing that this measure consider a better impact in quality of air, because traffic will be reduced a 9,4%, this means 6.700 higly pollutioning vehicles that daily get in the city.

The measure gives answer to reality of traffic in Granada, where data obtained by the City Council of Granada, the 70 per cent of traffic in the city comes from outside the city, whereof, in records of one day in January, around 6.700 vehiles do not have environmental label and therefore highly pollutioning.

The mayoress, has remarked the delicate quality of air in Granada and the particular terrainj of the city -locate in a valley, with continous anticlyclons, low winter intensity and Saharan dust transport, that make it a highly risk city that sometimes surpass recommended levels of NO2, and we have to add the obligation to complain the Environmental Quality Act.

Implementation carries great benefits on air quality improvement "because there will be 6.700 high polluting vehicles less, said Marifrán Carazo.


Mobility records say that vehicles from the urban zone on working day are 17.474, which means a 27,55% of cars that day, in a city, as the mayoress said, where the rate of motorization is 601 vehicles per 1000 inhabitants, above the european and national, 530 vehicles and 592,4 per 1.000 inhabitants, respectively.

So, after the research made between January 8 and 14 2024, there were 958.404 cars involved in displacements around the city -considering that one car can be detected several times-, 129.916, a 13,56 per cent, does not have environmental label, while vehicles with B label are a 33,26 per cent, with 318.780 vehicles detected. The most part of plates are C label, a 43,74 per cent corresponding to 419.233 cars detected and ECO vehicles and 0 represent a 7,92 and a 1,52 per cent respectively.

presentation lez granada


Implementation of Low Emission Zone in Granada has an initial trial period, to inform citizens, from October 2024 to March 2025, detection cameras will be operative, but will not penalize, but from April 1st 2025, drivers with registered vehicles out of the city of Granada and vehicles without environmental label can not acceed to the area affected by this measure.

The project of Low Emission Zone has been carried out once two research have been done by the Mobility area in December 2023 and January 2024, where as the mayorness has said, data is a strong proof, even though there are some differences due to a time of the year where the city has a very different activities.

The implementation projec of Low Emission Zone, once presented, will be studied, analysed and checked by the social and economical agents, because, as the first councillor said, this is a document that must be the starting point to improve quality of air and reduce noise with less restrictions to be made and affections to residents and economic activity.

Futhermore, she has said that, will be examinated in 2028 to stablish the scope of the project, it is due to have immediate result in metropolitan transport number of passengers from out of the city, the renewal of vehicle fleet and use of edge parkings, of whom has remarked that, will be made agreements to encourage the use of parking among citizens.

presentation lez granada


Granada has at present 6.528 edge parking places. Parking network in Granada is made of administrative management Méndez Núñez parking, with 805 places; Torres Neptuno, with 1.312; Arabial, with 466, and Nuevo Los Cármenes with 853. Parking place of private management are Hotel Luna de Granada, with 370 and shopping centers of Neptuno (878); Hipercor (1027) and Serrallo Plaza (817).

The City Council of Granada is going to project a plan with parallel measures to LEZ that, in words of the mayoress, has new measures to improve load and unloading works, school transport parking and discrecional transport of passengers. This measure affects, also, at least five ordinances, that will have some modifications, has explained.

In parallel, the city, in cooperation with the University of Granada, addresses the realization of two studies with the implementation of Low Emission Zone. First research, a pilot project named LEZIPA, that pretend to analyse the acceptance of LEZ among citizens by personal interviews and citizen surveys. So far, these interviews have been made to transport associations, tourists, entrepreneurs, bussiness men, ecologists and residents. The second line of research work will allow the socio-economic impact of the implementation of LEZ in Granada..

On the other hand, works are being doen with the Metropolitan Consortium of Transport to improve public transport to connect the capital of the city with the metropolitan area, where most of traffic came from and circulate around the capital.


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