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Electric Charge points: Granada adds 60 new charging point for electric vehicles

Presentation of electric charging points march 2024

Parking in Violón will have 15 charging points and 4 ultra speed charging points, twelve in Alsina parking, twelve in Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, nine at Nuevo Los Cármenes Football Stadium and seven in parking San Agustín.



Granada takes a step forward for the implementation of Low Emission zone (ZBE) with new measures to ease the implementation due in April 2025 and now has installed 60 new charging points for electric vehicles. As the Mayoress of Granada said, Marifrán Carazo, this measure means a great step forward to promote electrical mobility in Granada, in cooperation with TELPARK, leading company in car park sector and mobility in Spain and Portugal.

The Mayoress, who visited beside the Mobility Councellor, Ana Agudo, the facilities of parking San Agustín where have been settled seven electric charging points, has ensured that the City Council of Granada and TELPARK reinforce their commitment with sustainable mobility providing a new infrastructure to charge electrical vehicles with an accessible and wide infrastructure around the city.

Parking in Violón will be the main one in electrocharge locations, and will have fifteen electric charging points and four ultra speed charging points, ensuring an efficiency experience for electrical vehicles users.

The rest chanrging points will be distributed strategically in the rest of parkings in Granada: twelve in Centro Alsina, twelve in Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, nine in parking Nuevo los Cármenes Football Stadium, and seven in San Agustín. This disribution will guarantee a wide and accessible coverage around the city, has assured the Mayoress.

She also said that, this way, the City Council of Granada, bets for a sustainable mobility, environment - friendly, that will improve quality of air and noise emmisions.

Also with the implementation of low emmision zone in the capital of the city that is gradually being implemented and to be in force in April 2025, the councellor explained that the final aim of these initiatives is, above all, improve quality of live of citizens.

on its part, the responsible of TELPARK company in Granada, José María Cuesta, has indicated that this project marks a turning point in our mision to promote electrical mobility and contribute to the creation of more sustainable cities. We are committed to offer innovative solutions to encourage the use of electrical vehicles and reduce our environmental footprint.

The implementation project of Low Emmision Zone in Granada, presented in February at the Obervatory for the Mobility by the councellor of Mobility, Citizen´s Protection, Urban Agency, Sustainability and Next Gneration Funds, Ana Agudo, will have immediate impact on traffic created by more pollution vehicles, those without environmental label – before 2021 for gasoline vehicles, and before 2006 for diesel vehicles- registered out of the city of Granada.These vehicles wll not be allowed to acceed the low emmission zone that will have an area of 19,06Km2. Will be monitored the impact on quality of air to create new additional measures from 2028 if levels laid down in legislation are not reached.

The proposal of LEZ, on testing trial from October 1st 2024 and definitely on April 1St 2025 pretend to improve significantly the poor quality of air in Granada protecting the bussiness activity in the city, because loading and unloading vehicles, school transport and passenger transport will be excluded from this normative.

The City Council of Granada creates in parallel measures to the implementation of Low Emmision Zone as the installation of these new electric stations and other measures as the extension of pedestrian areas, already included in PMUS, the improvement of bycicle network or encouragement of parking in the access of the city,j with more than 6.500 places and where will be possible to park any kind of vehicle, even though is not resident of the area or does not hav environmental label.


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