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Asphalt Plan August 2020

On the first fortnite August 2020 there will be milling, asphalting works and horizontal signalling in Plaza Bibataubín, Carrera de la Virgen, Acera del Darro, Puerta Real, Camino del Sacromonte and Santo Sepulcro del Sacromonte.

Works will be done according to the plan below:

Plaza de Bibataubín and Carrera de la Virgen

From 20:00 hours from 5/8/20 at 07:00 hours of 6/8/20: Milling works, beginning at Pza. Bibataubín, following to Carrera de la Virgen (odd number side) and, once shops close and public service stops its service in that side, will continue to Carrera de la Virgen (Corte Inglés side). Horizontal signalling will be done on the night from 7 to 8.

Acera del Darro and Puerta Real

Milling hours from 6:00 hours Saturday 8/8/20 with total traffic cuts in Acera del Darro and total traffic cut from 23:00 hours of the same day (Saturday 8/8/20) in Puerta Real.

Conglomerate works from 15:00 hours of Saturday in Acera del Darro starting at Humilladero to Puerta Real total traffic cut until 7:00 hours of Monday 10/8/20. There will be free pass for public service in Puerta Real until 23:00 hours of Sunday 10/8/20.

Horizontal signalling will begin on the night of Sunday and will end at the end of that same week by night time.

Camino del Sacromonte and Santo Sepulcro del Sacromonte

All works should be done on day time (between 7:00 and 19:30 hours no to affect nightlife establishments). Milling works would be done on Monday 10/8/20 and conglomerate works from Tuesday 11 to Friday 14 August.

This planning might be alterated.

Plan Asfalto Carrera de la Virgen Plan Asfalto Acera del Darro Plan Asfalto Camino del Sacromonte


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