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Line 4: Chana - Zaidín


Line with head at Sagrada Familia and Hospital at the PTS.

Partial circular line from Circunvalación La Encina to Ctra Málaga 69.

Moovit - Línea 4


The sequence of stops is:

SecuenciaCódigo ParadaNombre ParadaCorrespondencias
LÍNEA 4. Trayecto 1: Zaidín - Chana
1 661 Avda. Investigación - Fte Hospital Campus Salud U3
2 642 Avda. Innovación - Parque Tecnológico U3
3 639 Avda. de la Ilustración - Facultad Ciencias de la Salud U3
4 640 Avda. de la Ilustración 80 U3
5 352 Avda. Dílar - Fte Plaza Asunción Linares U3
6 626 Avda. Dílar 121 U3
7 185 Avda. Dílar 109 U3
8 187 Avda. Dílar 89 121-U3
9 190 Avda. Dílar 71 121-U3
10 589 Avda. Dilar 33 121-U3
11 196 Avda. Dílar 9
12 467 Pablo Picasso 10
13 466 Pablo Picasso 33
14 451 Poeta Manuel de Góngora 9 8-S2
15 1510 Acera del Darro 41 - Humilladero
16 1511 Acera del Casino 5 - Puerta Real
17 1512 Gran Vía 4 - Catedral
18 1513 Gran Vía 32 - Sagrado Corazón
19 1514 Avda. Constitución 2 - Triunfo
20 1515 Avda. Constitución 38 - Estación Ferrocarril
21 1501 Caleta - Hospital
22 353 Ctra. Málaga - Villarejo 121-N1-U1
23 355 Ctra. Málaga 54 - Fte Las Torres 121-N1-U1
24 281 Circunvalación Encina 4 9-121
25 163 Avda. Andalucía - Sindicatos 9-121
26 164 Avda. Andalucía - Parque Almunia 9
27 166 Avda. Andalucía - Facultad Bellas Artes 9
28 168 Avda. Andalucía - Diputación 9
29 169 Avda. Andalucía 121
30 167 Avda. Andalucía 107
31 165 Avda. Andalucía 91
LÍNEA 4. Trayecto 2: Chana - Zaidín
1 165 Avda. Andalucía 91
2 530 Sagrada Familia 18 - Iglesia Santa Micaela 9-111-U1
3 531 Sagrada Familia 28 9-111-U1
4 358 Ctra. Málaga 69 9-111-N1-U1
5 356 Ctra. Málaga - Las Torres 111-N1-U1
6 354 Ctra. Málaga - Villa Pineda 111-N1-U1
7 1517 Caleta - Juzgados
8 1502 Avda. Constitución 27 - Estación Ferrocarril
9 1503 Avda. Constitución 15 - Fuentenueva
10 1504 Gran Vía 61 - Padre Suárez
11 1505 Gran Vía 29 - Sagrado Corazón
12 1506 Gran Vía 7 - Catedral
13 1507 Acera del Darro 8 - Puerta Real
14 1508 Acera del Darro 98 - Humilladero
15 1465 Tierno Galván - Palacio Congresos 8-S2
16 198 Avda. Dílar 2
17 197 Avda. Dílar 10
18 192 Avda. Dílar 14 111-U3
19 194 Avda. Dílar 26 111-U3
20 191 Avda. Dílar 56 111-U3
21 188 Avda. Dílar 94 U3
22 184 Avda. Dílar 134 U3
23 660 Avda. Ilustración - Dílar U3
24 657 Avda. Ilustración 110 U3
25 663 Avda. Conocimiento 41 U3
26 656 Avda. Investigación - Fte Hospitalización Campus Salud U3
27 661 Avda. Investigación - Fte Hospital Campus Salud U3

You can download stops sequence in 4 en formato CSV file.

Línea 4



Last news

You can see the last news about 4 line: schedule and route changes, bus stops, etc. and every traffic condition that could affect it.

1. Increasement of urban bus service from 6 May

Frequency of service will be from the 30% to the 50%. Also, usual schedules of last trips are restored.

Check all info at Transportes Rober.

The City Council of Granada, according to Real Decreto de Estado de Alarma 463/2020 and beyond, and also in the de-escalation Phases defined by Central Government, has stablished the next level in collective transport service, to be effective FROM 6 MAY 2020:

  • For all lines on service, usual schedules are restored in their last trips.
  • Frequencies and schedules of last trips are:
LinesFrequencies (minutes)Time last trip
410 to 1223:30
516 to 2023:30
815 to 1623:30
915 to 2023:30
1112 to 1523:30
1335 to 3820:45
2115 to 2023:30
3310 to 1323:30
N125 to 3023:00
N316 to 2023:00
N515 to 1923:15
N615 to 1823:00
S213 to 1823:30
C3112 to 1423:00
C3213 to 1423:00

Night lines 111 and 121 still have no service.

servicio bus urbano granada 6 de mayo de 2020 covid19

2. Compulsory use of face mask on public transport

From 4 May until further notice, all passengers of public transport must wear a face mask.

As an additional measure to the guidelines already taken in RD 463/2020 and subsequent, in relation to the Alarm State to manage this sanitary outbreak of COVID-19, from 4 MAY, and until further notice, ALL PASSENGERS OF URBAN PUBLIC TRANSPORT MUST WEAR A FACE MASK.

More information...


3. Ampliation and development of measures already taken on public transport

From 3 April come into force these measures until the Alarm State remains and there are no other circumstances to modify the situation.

En el Tablón de Edictos de se puede consultar el texto completo del decreto.

Additional measures in public service:

- Buses that are still on duty and for working days, will have a level of service similar to the previous two weekends. Except for bus line 4 (L4), which frequency will be 20 minutes, against current fifteen minutes.

- Last trips from head stopsare limited to 22:00 hours. Except for line 4, which itineary connects two sanitary centers in Granada (San Cecilio (PTS) and Virgen de la Nieves), and add the following trips as well:

  • Last trips from head stop in PTS: 22:00 / 22:30 / 22:40h
  • Last trips from Chana (get to Caleta 5 minutes later): 22:00 / 22:20 / 22:30h

- Concessionary company will create and advertise through the usual media channels a summary chart with programmed trips from head stops for all lines, and inform users about this measures or other that might be taken in the alarm state as well.

4. Extension and new additional measures about Urban Public Transport

From 1 April will be taken additional measures for the reduction of collective urban transport service: aproximated schedules to weekend schedules, ahead of last trip from head stop at 22:00 hours (with a few exceptions).

Check the hole text of the Decree at

Decrees of 15 March and 27 March 2020 are extended until Alarm State is underway.

Finally, and according to RD 476/20, 27 March, Alarm State has been extended instituted due to RD 463/20, 14 March, and after the publication of last R.D. 10/2020, 29 March, with additional restrictions to mobility with reference to those workers that are not basic services, and after the continous study of the bus demand from the begin of the Alarm State, are taken the following additional measures to reduce collective urban transport service, to match demand and supply during the last two previous weekends.

Measures are as follow below:

  • On working days will have a similar level of service than stablished in last two weekends.
    (All lines but those that have already cancelled: U1, U2, U3, 111, 121, C5, 25 and C30).
  • Bus line 4 will have a frequency of 20 minutes aproximately. Last trip will from head stop in PTS will be at 22:40 hours and from Chana at 22:30 hours.
  • AT 22H. WILL BE LAST TRIP FROM HEAD STOP, except the following head stops:
4Avenida de la Investigación - Fte PTS22:40
4Avenida de Andalucía (Chana)22:30

Reduccion servicios bus urbano granada abril covid-19

5. Temporary reduction of urban bus service

From 16 March reduces urban bus service in Granada. Night lines and universitary lanes are cancelled. Service of bus line 4 remains the same. The rest of lines reduce their service a 50%.

More info at Transportes Rober.


This decree temporary cancels lines U1, U2 and U3 (Universitaries) and Night line, and also reduces a 50% services of the rest of the lines except line 4, that connects the hospitals of the city and therefore, will keep current service

The City Council of Granada has agreed to reduce the number of bus lines on service that will come into force at 00:00 hours of 16 March 2020 and will be effective for 15 days and might be extended as preventive measure to stop the transmission of COVID-19.

The Major of Granada, Luis Salvador, has signed this afternoon a decree for the temporary cancellation of bus lines U1, U2 and U3 (Universitaries) and Night line, and also reduces a 50% services of the rest of the lines except line 4, that connects the hospitals of the city and therefore, will keep current service.

This decision has been communicated by the councellor of Mobility, César Díaz, to the concessionary company of this municipal service, Transportes Rober, that must be complied immediatly. Also, this resolution has been communicated to the Counselling of Development and Metropolitan Transport Consortium for their knowledge and if it was needed to create coordination measures for reasons of public interest that might affect a wider area of application than municipality.

As the government team has said, for the efficiency of measures already taken and their adaptation to the evolution of the pandemic of coronavirus, the level of service will be evaluated in compilance with sanitary guidelines taken by authorities, and might introduce variations on service if necessary according to the indications of central Government and Junta de Andalucia..

reducción bus urbano covid-19

6. Demonstration Palacio de Congresos - Joaquina Eguaras

Demonstration takes place on 1 April starting from the esplanade of Palacio de Congresos from 10:00 hours to 14:00 hours aprox.

Itinerary: esplanade Palacio de Congresos, Paseo del Violón, Puente Blanco, Acera del Darro, Puerta Real, Reyes Católicos, Gran Vía, Constitución, avenida de Madrid, Juan Pablo II, Tete Montoliú, Joaquina Eguaras.

Demonstration creates public transport detour affecting bus lines 4, 5, 8, 11, 21, 33, C30, C32, C35, U1, U2, U3, N5

7. Demonstration plaza del Carmen 16 March

Demonstration takes place on 16 March from 11:00 to 12:30 hours.

Itinerary: plaza del Carmen, Escudo del Carmen, Ángel Ganivet, Reyes Católicos, plaza Nueva, Reyes Católicos, plaza del Carmen.

Demonstration may affect bus lines 4, 8, 11, 21, 33, C31, C32, C34.

8. VII Solidarity Race Padre Manjón

Sunday 15 de marzo celebrates the VII Solidarity Race Padre Manjón atarting at 9:00 hours.

Itinerary: cuesta del Chapiz, Colegio Ave María Casa Madre, camino del Sacromonte, cuesta del Chapiz, San Martín, callejón del Risco, San Luis, Cruz de Piedra, San Gregorio Alto, Pagés, carretera de Murcia, Larga de San Cristóbal, plaza Larga, Pagés, plaza del Salvador, carril de las Tomasas, callejón de las Tomasas, callejón de Atarazana, cuesta de las Cabras, Espaldas de San Nicolás, carril de San Cecilio, Algibe de la Gitana, Pilar Seco, Santa Isabel la Real, carril de la Lona, Cruz de Arqueros, plaza de la Merced, plaza del Triunfo, acera de la Merced, Elvira, Reyes Católicos, plaza Isabel la Católica, Pavaneras, Santa Escolástica, plaza Fortuny, cuesta del Realejo, Cocheras de San Cecilio, Campo del Príncipe, carril de San Cecilio, Antequeruela Baja, plaza Arquitecto García Paredes, paseo del Generalife, paseo de la Sabica, Real de la Alhambra, cuesta de Gomérez, plaza Nueva, carrera del Darro, paseo del Padre Manjón.

Youth category, start at 10:55 hours: paseo del Padre Manjón, cuesta del Chapiz, camino del Sacromonte, cuesta del Chapiz, San Juan de los Reyes, Cárcel Alta, carrera del Darro, paseo del Padre Manjón (3200 m).

Child and cadet category, start at 12:00 hours: paseo de Padre Manjón, cuesta del Chapiz, San Juan de los Reyes, Cárcel Alta, carrera del Darro, paseo del Padre Manjón (1200m).

Alevín and benjamín category, start at 12:40 hours: cuesta del Chapiz, San Juan de los Reyes, placeta de la Concepción, Concepción de Zafra, carrera del Darro, paseo del Padre Manjón (1080 m).

Prebenjamín category, start at 13:00 horas: paseo Padre Manjón (190 m).

Due to the development of the race there might be affected some bus lines in certain points of their itineraries. These bus lines are 4, 8, 11, 21, 33, C30, C31, C32, C34, C35, N8 and N9.

9. Demonstration 8 March

On 8 March, due to the commemoration of the International Women´s Day, celebrates a demonstration from Triunfo to Paseo del Salón at 11:30 hours.

From 11:30 to 15:00 hours takes place demonstration from Triunfo to Quiosco de la Música in Paseo del Salón. Itinerary:

Roundabout of Triunfo - Gran Vía de Colón - Plaza Isabel la Católica - Reyes Católicos - Puerta Real de España - Acera del Casino - Acera del Darro - Plaza del Humilladero - Paseo del Salón.

Traffic Light Puerta Real

Affection to public transport

Bus lines affected: 4, 8, 9, 11, 21, 33, N1, N3, N5, N8, N9, S2, C31, C32, C34, 13.

When Gran Vía is closed, traffic will be diverted through Recogidas - Camino de Ronda - Méndez Núñez. When demonstration gets to Puerta Real, diversion will be through Paseo del Violón to Camino de Ronda.

10. Demonstration Campo del Príncipe - Tablas

Due to the celebration of the Women´s Day, takes place this demonstration on 6 March at 20:00 hours.

Itinerary: Campo del Príncipe, Molinos, cuesta del Realejo, pasaje de la Ermita, plaza del Realejo, plaza Fortuny, Santa Escolástica, plaza del Padre Suárez, Pavaneras, San Matías, Navas, plaza del Carmen, Príncipe, plaza Bib-rambla, plaza de la Pescadería, Capuchinas, plaza de la Trinidad, Tablas.

Demonstration creates public transport detour, affecting bus lines 4, 8, 11, 21, 33, C30, C32 and C35.

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