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Albaicín - Centro

Line C31: Albaicín - Centro


Minibuses line with round itinerary through Albaicín, with head of line at Plaza Nueva.

This line has from monday to friday special departures from Hospicio Avenue early in the morning.

Moovit - Línea C31


The sequence of stops is:

SecuenciaCódigo ParadaNombre ParadaCorrespondencias
LÍNEA C31. Centro - Albaicín
1 1105 Plaza Nueva C32-C34
2 1010 Carrera del Darro 33 - Bañuelo C32-C34
3 1011 Paseo del Padre Manjón - Fte 1 C32-C34
4 1047 Paseo del Padre Manjón - Rey Chico C32-C34
5 1012 Cuesta del Chapiz - Peso de la Harina C32-C34
6 630 Cuesta del Chapiz 60 C32-C34
7 1020 Placeta del Abad C32
8 1021 Callejón de las Tomasas 19 C32
9 1022 Plaza San Nicolás C32
10 1048 Cno. Nuevo de San Nicolás 7 C32
11 1023 Santa Isabel la Real C32
12 1024 San Miguel Bajo C32
13 1025 Carril de la Lona 1 C32
14 1026 Arco de Elvira 4 C32
15 1353 Acera de San Ildefonso 12 C32
16 1106 Avda. del Hospicio - Hospital Real C32
17 1424 Avda. del Hospicio - Triunfo C32-C34-N8
18 583 Gran Vía 5- Catedral 8-21-33-C32-C34
19 1105 Plaza Nueva C32-C34

You can download stops sequence in C31 en formato CSV file.

Línea C31



Last news

You can see the last news about C31 line: schedule and route changes, bus stops, etc. and every traffic condition that could affect it.

1. Parade June 11

This parade takes place on June 11 2023, betweeen 11:15 and 13:30 hours.

Itinerary: Puerta de San Ildefonso – Acera de San Ildefonso (through children´s playground and boulevard until Casa Cobos) – Real de Cartuja (through the street) – Agua de Cartuja (1st section) – Placeta de la Cruz – Parra alta de Cartuja (2nd section) – Ancha de Capuchinos – Divina Pastora (until the entrance to Triunfo gardens next to Fray Leopoldo monument) – straight ahead to Inmaculada monument – Avda del Hospicio (section Hospital Real) – Acera San Ildefonso (from Casa Cobos por children´s playground and boulevard) – Plaza del San Ildefonso – Puerta de San Ildefonso.

Information given could be modified or cancelled due to last minute incidences or severe weather.

File 15.389/23

2. IV Policía Nacional Race

It takes place on May 21 2023 from 08:00 hours to 15:00 hours.



There will take place the following races for kids in Paseo del Salón in the area of Music little temple, and chalky sand: MILE, 900 mt race, 600 mt race and 200mt race. All these races start and finish at Paseo del Salón.


START:Paseo del Salón (Start from chalky sand area, next to Music little temple) -roundabout Las Titas - lane excluded to traffic in Paseo del Salón - Plaza Humilladero - Rancho Grande - Acera del Darro - Puerta Real de España - Recogidas - Puentezuelas - Tablas - Carril del Picón - Gran Capitán - San Juan de Dios - Triunfo - Gran Vía de Colón - Plaza Isabel la Católica - Reyes Católicos - Puerta Real de España - Calle Ángel Ganivet - Plaza de Mariana Pineda - Plaza del Campillo - Plaza de Bibataubín - Carrera de la Virgen - Paseo del Salón (opposite direction to traffic to roundabout Las Titas) - Paseo del Salón (Central way of chalky sand, one hundred before roundabout Las Titas) FINISH.

Urban bus itineraries might have alterations due to the celebration of this race. Also, there will be public transport detour.

File 9.822/23

carrera policia nacional 2023

3. Parade May 20 in Realejo

On May 20 2023 from 20:30 to 22:00 hours takes place this parade in Realejo district.

START: Plaza de Santo Domingo- C/ Ancha de Santo Domingo - C/ Jesús y María - C/ San Matías - C/ Sancti Spiritus - C/ Reyes Católicos - Plaza Nueva - Carrera de Darro - Paseo Padre Manjón - Cuesta del Chapiz - Camino Sacromonte FINISH.

Information given could be modified or cancelled due to last minute incidences or severe weather.

File 16.917/23

4. Car Free Day in Gran Vía

On Sunday May 14 2023 celebrates #DíaSinCoche in Gran Vía de Colón. Traffic cut will be from 9:45 to 15:00 hours. Activities schedule begins from 10:30 to 14:30 hours.

File.- 15.686/23. Texto del Edicto.

In 2021 and due to the celebration of European Mobility Week, began the Car Free Day Plan, a project that closes road to traffic in some points of the city periodically, to aware citizens about the benefits of not using private vehicles to encourage a new healthier and substainable mobility, and create more spaces for citizens.

This time, will be in Gran Vía in Center District, suspending this event in summer season.

Traffic will be shut in the city center, in Gran Vía, to enjoy this street from another point of view, Se corta el centro neurálgico de la ciudad, la calle Gran Vía, para disfrutar de ella desde otra perspectiva, involving civil society, social organizations, institutions and enterprises, and arise conciousness in each area of influence, about individual and collective benefits when we change our way of life and advantages of a city.

Car Free Day May 14 2023


Closure to traffic from 9:30h to 15:00h with activity performance schedule from 10:30 to 14:30h and occupation of the street for civic, educative, sport and cultural activities in Recogidas St. between Reyes Católicos and Profesor Emilio Orozco.

Will be free access in streets Cárcel Baja, Marques de Falces, Azacayas and Tinajillas, rest of streets must prevent the entrance to the closed area.

Car Free Day in Gran Vía on May 14 202

Public transport

Due to traffic cut, bus lines 4,21,11,8,33,C34,C32 and C31 will change their itineraries.

The celebration of Car Free Day creates public traffic diversions through Camino de Ronda.


This Sunday 14 May, from 10:30h to 14:00h we can enjoy the following activitites:

- Musical concerts of starter groups in the city of Granada:

  • Sosoritnem
  • Grupo Zari
  • Annarce

- Handcrafted market with the participation of associations Entretanto Creando, We Love Market and Aracne and second hand market with Flealejo Market.

- Botanical route Life of trees in Gran Vía thanks to the cooperation of Eduardo Díaz Prados, historiographer and landscape gardener, with registrations the same day of the event.

- Sport activities:

  • Circuits of roller skates and bicycles (Balakook and Patinamos). Roller skate lessons for the youngest, they can bring their own skates or start in this circuit.
  • electric roller skat circuit (AMPEG).
  • Exhibition/American football workshop for kids(Lions de Maracena)
  • Circuit of Longboard/surfskate (Longboard-Granada Push Club)
  • Yoga, Taichi... (Naturwellness)
  • Trial bike (Club Zero Cinco Trial)
  • Capoeira (Anaquerando)

- Games and activities:

  • Playbus with badges and make up workshops (ALSA).
  • Recycle workshop (Inagra)
  • Painting and free movement with live music workshop Dónde están las Plumas. (La Moebius)
  • Chalk big painting made by La Petite Producciones
  • Bosy painting - Body painting (DyD - Escuela Superior de Imagen Integral)
  • Ceramic workshop (Croma Arte)
  • Child games, ballon twisting and face painting (Eysa)
  • Child painting workshop (Telpark)
  • Puppet theater (Centro de Formación Profesional Reina Isabel)
  • Traditional games and visual arts (Scholas Ocurrentes)

- Cultural and music activities:

  • Sport dance (Centro de arte y Danza Footloose Dancing)
  • Exhibition/ dance workshop K-pop from 11:00h to 14:00h (Bum Crew)
  • Performing arts and sircus arts (Asociación La Buia and Movement Andalusi)
  • Block Party (Basmove)
  • Urban Dance (Dance school Oliver and Academia LCK) located in different points of the street.
  • Percussion workshop (Mara)
  • Traditional theatre of Ukraine (Asociación de Ucranianos en Granada)
  • Traditional dances of Bolivia (Asociación Salay Bolivia Granada)

- Social Activities:

  • Stand Asociación Aupa
  • Stand Agredace
  • Stand Cruz Roja Juventud
  • Stand Corro por Marina y Samuel
  • Stand Granabip e Injosalud
  • Stand Calor y Cafe
  • Stand Asociación Romi
  • Stand Voluntarios por el bienestar animal
  • Stand Asociación x los animales
  • Stand Diapo África
  • Stand Madre Coraje
  • Stand Asociación Candelaria

- Free delivery of soft drinks among the participants (Coca-Cola)

- Stand Radio Granada social with interviews to people joining the event (Granada social & Staridea)

- Participation of Canine Unit of Local Police.

- Fire man

- Double decker bus, minibus to visit and Photocall (Alsa).

- Civil Protection.

Actividades Día Sin Coche en Gran Vía el 14 de mayo de 2023

5. Demonstrations 1St. May

On May 1St 2023 takes place two demonstrations: From Triunfo to Plaza Isabel la Católica and from Plaza del Carmen to Plaza de la Hípica, both from 11:30 to 14:00 hours.

Itineraries of these demonstrations are:

  • Starting from Jardines del Triunfo, following through Gran Vía de Colón and ending at plaza Isabel la Católica.
  • Starting from Plaza del Carmen, following through Reyes Católicos, Puerta Real, Acera del Casino, Acera del Darro, Poeta Manuel de Góngora, Andrés Segovia and ending at plaza Fontiveros - plaza de la Hípica.

Demonstrations may create public transport detour through Camino de Ronda.


The XXXIX HALF MARATHON CITY OF GRANADA 2023 takes place on May 6 2023 at 19:30 hours for aproximately two hours and a half (22:15 hours). Check the itinerary.

p>START: Paseo del Violón, Paseo de los Basilios, C/ Puente Verde - C/ Profesor Albareda- (km, 1) Avda. Pablo Picasso - C/Andrés Segovia - Plaza Fontiveros - C/ Fontiveros - Avenida de Dílar - Avda. De Cádiz - Avda. Barcelona - Rotonda Universiada - Paseo Jardines de la Reina - (km. 2) C/ Dr. Alejandro Otero - C/Arabial (km. 3)- Camino de Purchil (Km. 4) - Calle Huerta del Rasillo - Rotonda Guitarrista Manuel Cano (left side outside lane) - C/ María Moliner(Km 5) - C/Cañaveral (roundabout opposite direction to traffic) - Avda. Padre Marcelino - Avda. De las Alpujarras -(Km,6) Carretera Antigua de Málaga (km 7) - Camino de Ronda ( Km 8) -Avda. Fuente Nueva - Avda. Dr. Severo Ochoa ( Km 9) - Cruz Blanca (underpass) - Avda. De Madrid - Plaza de San Isidro - Avda. De Pulianas( Km 10 ) - Dr. González de la Vega - Paseo de Cartuja ( Km 11) - Carretera de Murcia (Km 12) - C/ Pagés ( Km 13) - Plaza Aliatar - C/ Panaderos - Plaza Larga - Arco de las Pesas - Callejón de San Cecilio - Plaza Cementerio de San Nicolás - C/ del Agave - Cuesta de las Cabras - Callejón Atarazana - Camino Nuevo de San Nicolás - Callejón de las Tomasas - Carril de San Agustín (km 14) - Cuesta de Chapiz - Paseo del Padre Manjón - Carrera del Darro - Plaza Nueva (Km. 15) - Cuesta de Gomérez - C/ Real de la Alhambra ( Km 16) - turn right in Paseo del Generalife - Paseo del Generalife - Plaza Arquitecto García Paredes - C/ Antequeruela Alta - C/ Antequeruela Baja - Cuesta del Caidero ( Km 17) - C/Molinos - Plaza del Realejo - C/Santa Escolástica - C/ Pavaneras - C/ Padre Suárez 8Km 18) - Plaza Isabel la Católica - C/ Reyes Católicos - Puerta Real de España - C/Ángel Ganivet - Plaza Mariana Pineda - Plaza del Campillo - Carrera de la Virgen - Paseo del Salón (Km 19)- Paseo de la Bomba - Plaza Duque San Pedro de Galatino - Puente Verde - Paseo de los Basilios (Km 20)- Paseo del Violón (Km 21)- esplanade Palacio de Congresos de Granada, ( Km 21.097,5 m) FINISH.

More info at

Public transport

Due to celebration of this race, some urban transport lines may be affected.

Circuito Media Maratón de Granada 2023

7. Demonstration March 25

On March 25 2023 takes place demonstration from 12:00 to 15:00 hours between Triunfo and la Fuente de las Batallas

Avenida de la Constitución (next to Jardines del Triunfo) - Gran Vía - Reyes Católicos - Acera del Darro - ending between Plaza del Campillo Bajo and Fuente de las Batallas.

Public transport

Demonstration may create desvío de transporte público through Camino de Ronda.

8. Demonstration March 28 2023

On March 28 2023 takes place this demonstration at 10:30 hours from Sur Avenue.

Demonstration takes place on Tuesday March 28 2023 from 10:30 to 13:30 hours, starting from Sur Avenue (school Victoria Eugenia) and following through: Sur Avenue (school Victoria Eugenia), Constitución Avenue, Gran Vía de Colón (ending at Department of Education)

There might be alterations in the itinerary of public service due to demonstration


Race takes place on Saturday March 12 2023 at 09:30 hours. Check up itineraries and schedule.

This race is composed as follows:

1ª RACE: senior and veterans categories start: 9:30 h.

Itinerary: Start: Paseo del Padre Manjón- Cuesta del Chapíz - school Ave María Casa Madre - Camino del Sacromonte – Cuesta del Chapiz - San Martín - Callejón del Risco - San Luis - Cruz de Piedra - San Gregorio Alto – Pagés – Plaza del Salvador – Carril de las Tomasas – Callejón de las Tomasas - Callejó Atarazana – Cuesta de las Cabras – Espaldas de San Nicolás – Callejón de San Cecilio – Placeta de las Minas- Aljibe de la Gitana – Pilar Seco – Santa Isabel la Real – Carril de la Lona - Cruz de Arqueros - Plaza de la Merced - Plaza del Triunfo – Acera de San Ildefonso- Avda del Hospicio- Capitán Moreno- Acera de la Merced - Elvira - Reyes Católicos – Plaza Isabel la Católica - Pavaneras – Santa Escolástica - Plaza Fortuny – Pasaje de la Ermita – Plaza del Realejo- Cuesta del Realejo - Cocheras de San Cecilio - Campo del Príncipa - Carril de San Cecilio - Antequeruela Baja - Plaza arquitecto García Paredes - Paseo del Generalife – Paseo de la Sabica - Real de la Alhambra - Cuesta Gomérez - Plaza Nueva - Carrera del Darro – Paseo del Padre Manjón, goal.

10. Vía Crucis March 10

On March 20, from 20:00 to 21:30 hours, takes place Via Crucis in Albaicín.

Vía Crucis on March 2023, between 20:00 and 21:30 hours, following:
START: Church of San Pedro y San Pablo, Carrera del Darro, Paseo de los Tristes, Cuesta del Chapiz, San Juan de los Reyes, Concepción de Zafra, Carrera del Darro, Church of San Pedro y San Pablo, LLEGADA.

FILE. Nº 3.955/23

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