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Santa Paula street changes to a Cyclo street coinciding with the European Mobility Week

Santa Paula as cycle-street

On 15th September 2016 the programme with the activities of the European Mobility Week is presented,during which, Santa Paula street became the first Cyclo street in Granada


This measure tries to change the use of streets Santa Paula, de los Santos, Navarrete and Nueva el Santísimo, easing coexistence and giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists.

During the presentation, the Major points out in the European Mobility Week the substainable mobility impact on health, environment and economy.

Granada, as many other european cities, joins from tomorrow the celebration of the European Mobility Week, an event promoted by the European Commission to raise awareness on population of the benefits of substainable mobility. And it does so with a complete programme of activities and new measures that pretend to arise awareness about the benefits on health, environmental and economical that a substainable mobility and accessibility mean.

At the presentation of the programme of this edition, the Major of Granada, Francisco Cuenca, has explained that, coinciding with the event, the City Council has encouraged the first Cyclo street in the city in the axis of Santa Paula, a new experience of active and intelligent displacements in the historic center of Granada, a project that, as its name implies, will give priority to cyclists through all the axis beginning in San Juan de Dios and ends at San Agustín. This model, that has been marked with a 20 km/h sign could be extended to other roads of the rest of the city, has a number of characteristics that make them suitable.

From one side, its section and layout make it ideal, as secondary road, to coexist displacements on foot and on bike, and also favours connections between south and north area of Granada.Due to its location, it follows parallel to Gran Vía de Colón Street, main axis of collective public transport: Santa Paula is connected directly to it through cross streets.

Finally, allows to stablish cross axis, as the commercial one that combine traditional trade with new trading forms

Beside this cyclo street and bicyle marking, this European Mobility Week, traffic will be shut in Santa Paula axis an extensive program of recreational, sporting, healthy activities start tomorrow Friday, that will intensify on weekend and last to 22 September with a main target to gain space for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, and sensibilize grenadines and visitors about substainability, accessibility, efficiency, environmental respect and social cohesion..

Also, and coinciding with the Car Free Day promoted by the European Mobility Week, traffic will be shut in Santa Paula axis on Saturday 17 (from 14:30 to 21:00 hours) and on Sunday 18 (from 11:00 to 21:00 hours).

During this cut in Santa Paula will be made multiple activities that you can check in the programme.

You can check up the programme of activities at the website of the Semana Europea de la Movilidad 2016 in Granada.

Paco Cuenca and Raquel Ruz at the presentation of Santa Paula street as Cyclo street

You can download PDF at Programa de la Semana Europea de la Movilidad 2016 en Granada [3.4MB].

European Mobility Week 2016 in Granada

The Major of Granada has appreciated everyone that had cooperated to make possible these activities in the European Mobility Week, Mountain Federations, Skating, Volleyball, Hockey, Handball, and first aids; to the sporting clubs Balakook and Guad Al Xenil; College of Doctors, Granada a Pedal, Rótulos Azacayas, trade association of market ofSan Agustín, Red Cross, Dr Bike, Green City, tour guide association of Granada, Mapfre and Semar, technicians and sponsors as well.

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Santa Paula Cycle street Santa Paula Cycle street Santa Paula Cycle street Santa Paula Cycle street Santa Paula Cycle street


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