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Moovit app for collective public transport now available in Granada

Raquel Ruz presents Moovit in Granada

Coinciding with the European Mobility Week in Granada, on 19 September takes place the presentation of Moovit as recommended app to know public transport in Granada


From September 2016, Moovit app collect updated data of collective urban public transport (lines, stops, timetables) and real-time information of the arrival of buses to the stop.

Using Moovit you can check 635 stops and 30 routes that make up urban bus network giving their users real-time data. This way, passengers using public transport network in the city can planify their routes easily and comfortably, no waiting time and helping to improve their journey.

This release is possible thanks to the cooperation of Moovit with the City Council and its compromise with new technologies and mobility promoting transparency and digital society.

Moovit in Granada

Moovit around the world

  • Available in more than 1.200 cities
  • Present in more than 65 countries
  • More than 45 million users
  • Available in 43 languages

Moovit in Spain

  • Leader App of public transport and mobility
  • available in 36 cities
  • More than 2.7 million users around the country
  • 2º market in Europe and 6º world wide
  • Multimodal transport app
  • Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

The official data of transport is complemented by data provided by passengers that use this app, and can cooperate providing real-time about their trip just travelling keeping their app open, or giving info about faster roads or those with traffic density.

In the presentation, Raquel Ruz has also pointed out that, in a touristic city as Granada is, this app is very effective not only for grenadians but, certainly for thousand of tourists that visit our city every year.First of all, because the use of this app is widely used around the cities of the world. Also, this app allows visitor to know quickly our public transport network and swiftly move around different districts in the city. And a significan factor; visitor can get all this info without problems, because is available in many languages..

At the end, the council of Mobility has emphasised on accesibility: i want to highligth one really important thing, Moovit is an accessible app, because incorporates the ability of "reading" the trip while passenger goes by bus and notifies the stop to get off the bus, a very important function for those people with visual disabilities.

You can get more info about this app at


Moovit in Granada

Download Moovit for Android o para iOS

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