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XIX Motorcycling Conference on Road Safety Education

Raquel Ruz Motorcycle days in Granada

The Granada City Council brings together more than 150 young people in a Road Safety Education Conference for Motorists.


The Councilor for Mobility of the Granada City Council, Raquel Ruz, opened on the morning of October 18, 2021 the XIX edition of the Motorcycle Conference organized by the Center for Road Safety Education together with the Vespacito associations and the National Motorcyclists Association to the training and awareness of young people and with the aim of making Granada a safer city for motorcyclists and for all users of two-wheeled vehicles in which we do not have to regret even one more victim of traffic accidents.

Jornadas moteras 2021 Jornadas moteras 2021

From Monday 18 to Wednesday October 20, a total of 150 students from the Ave María Casa Madre, Ave María San Cristóbal, IES Hermenegildo Lanz and IES Virgen de las Nieves centers participate in these days with which the City Council advocates for road safety education for the youngest and training in values such as responsibility and good behavior when driving on the streets in a city, more and more citizens are choosing motorcycles, bicycles or scooters as a means of transport for your daily trips.

Granada, due to its climate, its high youth population, its orography ... is the third city with the largest number of motorcycles in the whole country and we know that the majority of accidents that occur are related to a poor training of drivers , so our concern and our obligation is to always work giving top priority to two-wheelers and to carry out all possible actions to increase their road safety , Ruz has added.

Jornadas moteras 2021 Jornadas moteras 2021

The councilor recalled that Granada was already a pioneer in 2012 in the development of an Urban Road Safety Plan promoted by the General Directorate of Traffic for which it had only ten Spanish cities. Since then, and according to official figures, the evolution of traffic accident victims in Granada has decreased notably in recent years, from 1,015 minor injuries, 82 serious injuries and 6 deaths in 2008 to 413 minor injuries, 57 serious injuries. and 3 deaths in 2020. These are better figures, without a doubt, but of course our great goal is to continue reducing them , the mayor said.

Jornadas moteras 2021 Jornadas moteras 2021

Nor has Ruz forgotten the responsibility of the City Council for the best conditioning and maintenance of public roads . Thus, he has detailed some of the actions that have been carried out in recent months to improve the infrastructures of the city, with non-slip paint on the asphalt, motorcycle grills and safer street furniture, while they are redoubling efforts in terms of training and awareness of motorcyclists, with campaigns and training sessions.

Together with the delegate councilor for Mobility, the president of the National Association of Motorists, Juan Manuel Reyes, and the president of the Vespacito association, Joaquín Muñoz, they have joined these days with theoretical talks supported by all kinds of audiovisual resources and with the live testimony of a motorcycle accident victim, Juan José Cabrerizo. respect and solidarity as vital values to share the streets in our movements. Together they have highlighted the need to bet on the training of motorcyclists, of which the Granada City Council is one of the pioneering administrations in carrying it out, as a key to reduce the accident rate.

Jornadas moteras 2021 Jornadas moteras 2021

Jornadas moteras 2021


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