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More than 21 million passengers in urban bus in 2022

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The Mayor of Granada celebrates the recovery of bus service that close 2022 with more than 21 million passengers


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Urban bus service in Granada raised 21.179.511 passengers in 2022, almost the same number of passengers, around a 95%, that in 2019, a year before the pandemic, so we have recovered passengers lost in the health crisis and its because we have restored confidence of quality and efficiency of public transport.

Number of passengers at the beginning of 2022 was 67 per cent in comparison with users in 2019, a year before the COVID outbreak, and ended 2022 with almost the samen number of passengers, which means, certainly, a very positive data for our city..

This is what the councellor of Citizen´s Protection, Mobility and Economy in the city of Granada, Raquel Ruz, who, in the presentation of a new citizen campaign to encourage the use of public transport, we have recovered passengers and even though we achieve a better, higher efficiency, sustainable and higher quality of urban services, and had expressed her satisfaction because, we have a bad memory of HCL, we changed and rearranged all public transport system, we have recovered lost users and now we recover them with a more efficiency, sustainable and higher quality public transport, as all grenadines deserve.

Ruz Peis has explained that que this recovery in the number of users is, in part due to huge effort made by government municipal team and public aids boosted by the Goverment of Spain to face energetic crisis and allowed a 50% benefit in buss pass fares.

Also, she reminded that municipal government was pioneer to embrace the first aid plan to help families started by Government of Spain last September until December 2022 where a discount of 30% was applied to fares, a benefit that was extended to a 50% discount in a new decree of Central Government, that was embraced by the Mayor of Granada in less than 48 hours and so from January to June urban bus single ticket will be comparable to price existing in the 90´s.

This is, as concellor says, a huge effort -because a 50 per cent of benefit is defrayed by Government of Spain and the 20 per cent left is defrayed by local goverment, (1.500.000 euros)- answering the commitment of municipal government to make public transport an alternative to private vehicle, at a very competitive fares to make bus a reliable mean of transport to make dayly journeys in the city.

To the councellor, competitivnes of fares in public transport in the city has been supported by results of passengers of public transport in Granada in the last Overall Report of Public Transport 2022 by Moovit, a leading traffic app most used in Spain, that sets Granada as one of the cities with a more efficience and best valuated public transport service in Spain, where users doesn´t have to wait too long to take the bus and less transfer to make, said.

Specifically, Granada, with 10 minutes waiting time, is one of the cities with less waiting time, right behind Burgos and Bilbao, as she reminded, but we are also the third, behind Burgos and Vigo,in medium distance journeys, and long distance journey is 28 minutes.

21 million passengers on bus in 2022

We have achieved very good results, i would say fabulous, that shows quality of public transport service in Granad said, and after that referred to efficiency of management of current government team that inherited a disastrous public transport system with HCL, which pulled away passengers from public transport.

In the end, she is very proud to have achieved, in comparison with HCL, when number of passengers to make transfers was a 27 per cent, now is 7 per cent, so we are offering passengers a service tailored to their needs, with shorter journeys and lower waiting times.

She had made specific focus on urban bus fleet renewal, with 38 low emmission vehicles, among hybrid and electric, and gradually will be incorporing more low emmission buses, most of them electric, in the next months.

The councellor said that, apart from the municipal government commitment to encourage the use of public transport, has run an information campaign to make people know that public transport ticket is so cheap, for example youth bus pass is 0,30 euro per trip or 20 euro bus pass means 0,42 euro per trip.

21 million passengers in urban bus in 2022


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