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Holy Week arrangement

Presentation of traffic arrangement in Holy Week 2023 Granada

Check up traffic and public transport info relative to Holy Week arrangement 2023.


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Guide for Holy Week in Granada

Puede consultar y descargar el contenido completo de horarios e itinerarios a través del siguiente fichero PDF: .

Check and download all info of Guide for Holy Week in this pdf file: .

Check more info about affections to mobility in Holy Week.

Traffic cuts

Planned traffic cuts, from April 2 to 9, will start every day at four o´clok in the afternoon, except on Saturday 8, when traffic cut starts at five o´clock in the afternoon and on Sunday at ten o´clock in the morning.

Holy Week 2023

Taxis can acceed to Puerta Real through Pino Street, that will change sense of traffic these days, and through San Antón, to improve accessibility for disabled people, and make easier the arrive to Puerta Real bus stop and then to the city center. It is also planned to guarantee access to residents, and all customers to get to public parking under availability, and to shopping centers, without affecting parades.

One more year, the Police Coordination Center (PCC) will be located in Huerta del Rasillo, where surveillance systems and security and traffic control are located, and also department authorities of security bodies, 112 and Red Cross. At municipal building in San Matías, corner with Navas St., will be a sanitary stand of the Federación de Hermandades y Cofradías in Holy Week in Granada, and also the usual Costalero Care Center (CCC) and a sanitary stand of Protección Civil.

Regarding to crossing corridors in the official course of Holy Week, there are expected 7 pedestrian corridors, 6 of them fixed, supervised by Local Police agents and installed in Ángel Ganivet - Cuadro de San Antonio, Ángel Ganivet - Andorra, Puerta Real, Recogidas - Alhóndiga, Mesones, Marqués de Gerona and Plaza de las Pasiegas. There will also be installed an itinerant corridor in Navasa St.

In this Parihuela plan, there are more desfibrilator devices, a sum of 13 this year added to 13 already existing in some points of the city -Paseo de los Tristes, Plaza del Realejo, Plaza Isabel la Católica, Fuente de las Batallas, Plaza de la Pescadería, Avenida de la Constitución, Palacio de Congresos and Plaza de los Campos- 5 in the official route and 5 carried by Protección Civil backpacks. So, where are going to have the most cardio-protected Holy Week in history.

In the end, and after pointing out that Light Rail will provide service 24 h on Thursday and Friday and Alsa and taxis will intensify services, Raquel Ruz has encouraged citizens to get into the city center this Holy Week on foot or public transport. She also reminded that local television, TG7, will broadcast live all parades like years before.

Public transport


Around 17:00 hours. (According to Local Police)

Diversion points:

  • Puerta Real: While Recogidas St. is open
  • Puente Blanco: When traffic is closed in Recogidas or Puerta Real
  • Severo Ochoa

City Center shut


From Góngora and Humilladero towards Gran Vía
◘ Puerta Real - Recogidas open
From Puerta Real will be diverted to Recogidas St., Camino de Ronda, Severo Ochoa towards Avd. de la Constitución and usual itinerary.
◘ Puerta Real - Recogidas closed
Will be diverted through Paseo del Violón, Camino de Ronda, Severo Ochoa to Avd. de la Constitución, and usual itinerary.

From Avd. Constitución towards CENTER.
◘ Diversion through Severo Ochoa
All bus lines from Avenida de la Constitución go to Severo Ochoa, Camino de Ronda, until Glorieta de la Aviación Española or Helicopter roundabout, where every line retake their itinerary.
Once traffic cut in Gran Vía is done, bus lines coming from Cuesta del Hospicio to Avenida de la Constitución modify their itinerary:
From Cardenal Parrado follows to Doctor Olóriz and Constitución, and then make the previously referred diversion.

City Center Shut Centro cortado

City Center Shut City Center Shut


Bus service to Alhambra.
Bus lines C30 and C35 when traffic cut is done will change itinerary from Paseo de los Basilios through Cuesta del Caidero to the Alhambra.

Bus service to Albaicín.
Bus lines C31 and C34 when traffic cut is done will change itinerary from Jardines del Triunfo through carretera de Murcia to Plaza de Haza Grande.

Bus line 32 ends service at 15:30 from Sunday 2 to Friday 7 April.


Bus lines N5
Onde traffic is closed in López Argüeta or San Juan de Dios, follows through Avenida de la Constitución to Jardines del Triunfo.

Bus line 8
Does not get to Cartuja Universitary Campus.

Bus line 13
If any traffic cut affect journey and does not arrive to usual head stop in the city center, it will change it to Paseo de los Basilios except explicit orders.

Bus line 111
While Acera del Darro, Reyes Católicos or Gran Vía is closed will be diverted from Paseo del Salón to Puente Blanco, Paseo del Violón, Camino de Ronda, Severo Ochoa to Avenida de la Constitución where gets to usual itinerary.

Bus line 121
While Gran vía, Reyes Católicos or Acera del Darro is closed traffic will be diverted through Avenida de la Constitución to Severo Ochoa, Camino de Ronda, Paseo del Violón and Paseo de los Basilios where gets to usual itinerary.


Does not give service from April 3 to 10, both included.

Does not give service from April 3 to 9, both included.

BUS LINES C5 and C32

Bus line C5 from 3 to 5 April last trip at 15:00 hours from Neptuno.

Bus line C32 from 3 to 7 April last trip at 15:30 hours from Plaza Nueva and Pavaneras.

Traffic recommendations

- Use public transport

- Avoid use of private car when parades are performed

- Use outskirts public parkings


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