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Improvement of Urban Bus Line 33 in Lancha del Genil

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The City Council of Granada adjust the itinerary of urban bus line 33 in Lancha del Genil to improve road safety and quality of service allowing the use of vehicles with additional passenger capacity.



The Mayoress of Granada, Marifrán Carazo, has announced in her visit to the neighbourhood, the modification of itinerary of bus line 33 (Cenes de la Vega-Bus Station) through Lancha de Genil, where instead of getting through Ordesa St, a narrow street, will get through Carretera de la Sierra, un return trip, to improve road safety in that area and quality of transport service because will be operative vehicles with additional passenger capacity.

The maximum municipal responsible has remarked that this modification made by the Mobility Area gives answer to citizen´s querys to improve frequency and quality of public transport because bus line 33, that goes from north to south of the city, has increased gradually over the past few years the number of passengers with a monthly average of 12.000 users and a total number of passengers of 3.900.000 in 2023.

The visit to Lancha del Genil district was also attended by the councellor of Maintenance, Francisco Almohalla, the councellor of Cleaning Service, Ana Sánchez, the councellor of Citizen´s Protection, Ana Agudo, and the mayoress of Genil District, Encarnación González, where the Mayoress has explained that so far, the route of urban bus line 33 across Ordesa St, that due to its size was not suitable for long passenger transport vehicles, over 12 meters long, so there were functionality problems in service in peak hours.

There has been carried out a rearrangement on schedule of urban bus, eliminating the route trhough Ordesa St and changed to Carretera de la Sierra, so bus stops 18 and 19 will be eliminated and relocated in number 180 and 178, aproximately, in the new itinerary, said.

Also there has been settled a new bus stop in Carretera de la Sierra, in crossroad with La Iruela St, between bus stops P62 and P61, answering passengers of public transport in that area.

This measure will be complete with the implementation, in peak hours, with larger number of passenger vehicles, which means 18 meters long buses.

As Carazo has explained, the implementation of this new itinerary will not have any additional cost for traffic public service in Granada because the increasement of kilometers in this proposal -36 kilometers- will be covered by optimization of currently resources of the line itself.


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