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More 100 % electric buses

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The City Council of Granada adds two new 100% electric buses raising to 23 per cent number of zero or low emmission vehicles in its fleet.



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The City Council of Granada adds two new 100% electric buses raising to 23 per cent of zero or low emmission vehicles in its fleet, 194 buses -26 mini buses, 40 hybrid and 6 totally electric.

This new acquisition, as the Mayoress of Granada has explained, Marifrán Carazo, is part of the plan to transform urban transport funded by Recovery Fund Next Generation, that, above all this, in words of the Mayoress, meant a enormous municipal economic effort because european funds is 200.000 euros per unit, but the rest of cost, plus taxes, which means 1.345.520 euros, has been funded by municipal funds.

The Mayoress, has remarked that the significant gains of new vehicles one hundred per cent electric is to improve quality of airmejorar la calidad del aire, has highlighted that thanks to their non fossile fuels greenhouse gas emmissions will be reduced (GGEs) because charge is made with sustainble energy.

So, as she pointed out, compared to a fossile fuel bus, we reduce carbon footprint eighty nine tons equivalent to carbon dioxide per vehicle (89 TeqCO2/vehicle year), a sum of 179 TeqCO2/year.

Electric buses drastically reduce pollution thanks to its electric engine boosted by batteries charged with energy generated by when braking or inertia in traffic jams that optimize its use and enable a more autonomy.

Futhermore, has highlighted that these new vehicles improve quality of public transport service because electric engine is smaller and this means more space for passengers unlike classic models.

In order to address fuel usage of standard technologies, with a significant cost in transport, electricity is a cheaper fuel so in electric vehicles cost associated with consumption is less than in traditional vehicles, and at the same time allows a larger reduction of energetic losses because of friction and hot, this will serve more efficiency in its functioning.

In respect of vehicle maintenance, electric engines have a less number of pieces and moving components susceptible to wear, and make them very reliable and allow to obtain an additional saving in maintenance costs.

There was a particular focus in noise pollution implied in these vehicles that thanks to its technology both in external and internal noise is minimum so not only help us improve quality of air but also facilitate relaxation and make Granada a better place to live.


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