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Frecuent afecctions to mobility at Christmas: traffic cuts, diversions, traffic jam hotspots.


At Christmas is needed to activate a special plan of mobility, traffic, public transport and road safety.

In this time, the weather, holidays, tourism, sales, etc. cause have increased mobility needs and accesses to the city center, leisure and shopping centers and malls must be treated specially.


This Christmas special plan is usually active from the weekend before Christmas day and until the weekend before Reyes Magos day, when colleges, institutes and university resume their activity.

Traffic restrictions

This special mobility plan look at accesses to city center, also to public parkings and malls, to avoid traffic jams. If it's neccesary, there will be traffic restrictions and temporary detours between 11:00 and 15:00, and between 17:00 and 21:00, the main traffic density periods.

It's habitual the private traffic detour in Puente Blanco, towards Paseo del Violón or Paseo de los Basilios, prohibiting the access by car to Acera del Darro.

The plan envisages as main points of traffic regulation the main ways and avenues of the city, as Juan Pablo II avenue, the roundabouts of Rotary square, under the A44 highway, Arabial - Méndez Núñez streets crossing or Acera del Darro environment, Humilladero square and Villarejo zone, inter alia.

Public Transport

The schedules of the last starts of urban bus from every line header are modified on december 24 and 31. The last journeis are, approximately, at 20:30h.

U2 bus line does not work during Christmas.

Further information can be found at Última hora (latest news) section in Transportes Rober web page.


See Mobility afections. Traffic cut in city center in a larger map

Three Kings

The Three Kings Parade held on January 5 performing the following route:
Gran Capitán; San Juan de Dios; Gran Vía de Colón; Reyes Católicos; Puerta Real; Acera del Darro; Paseo del Violón; Plaza Rotary; Profesor Tierno Galván; Camino de la Zubia; Fontiveros; Andrés Segovia; Poeta Manuel de Góngora; Puente Blanco; Acera del Darro; Puerta Real; Reyes Católicos and Plaza del Carmen.

Starting hour: 17:30 h

Ver Cabalgata de Reyes Magos in a larger map

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