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Bicycle gauging plans are made periodically on the main roads of the city.

Bike counts 2017


There have been made bicycle seating capacities in 19 representative point of the city of Granada, in the center and and districts. Seating capacities have been made manually for 10 minutes in different hours of the day.

These seating capacities difference bicycle from other motorised vehicled. Also, there have counted bicycles circulating on the road and on sidewalks.


The average of use of bicycle in Granada is of 4.59%.

Those points where bicycle percents are more significant are Reyes Católicos (with an average of 13.67%), Elvira (with a 12.5%) and Gran Vía (with a 9.6%).

In those streets have obtained maximum punctual values of 19.05% in Reyes Católicos, 20% in Elvira and 12.93% in Gran Vía.

Gran Vía
- There is an average intensity of 112 bicycles per hour in Gran Vía, that could reach to a maximum of 180 b/h on peak hours.
- The average percentage of use of bicycles with respect to other vehicles circulating in Gran Vía is 9.6%.

Camino de Ronda
- There is an average intensity of 73.8 bicycles per hours in Camino de Ronda.
- The average percentage of use of bicycles with respect to other vehicles circulating in Camino de Ronda is 5.37% that could be a 7.65% in some of its sections.

The average percentage of bicycles circulating on the road is 64.24% and the percentage using sidewalks is 35.76%. Logically, typology of streets takes part in this percentage, higher levels are found in Pagés or Elvira, reaching to a 100% practically. In Reyes Católicos reaches to 91.74% and in Gran Vía to 82.98%.

plan aforos bici 2017

Bike counts 2018

In development.


There have been counting during all day motorised vehicles circulating through the road (tourisms, buses, mopeds, motorbikes, etc), distinguishing sense of circulation, and bicycles.

Concerning to bicycles, there has been considered sense of circulation of the road, if it was circulating trhough the road or the sidewalk, and in case of using the road, if it was using the center or right side of the road. It also have been distinguised if bicycle is private or bike sharing, and if the person using it has sport reasons or not.


First seating capacity point used with previous methodology was Gran Vía de Colón at the high of number 34, this is, between Tinajillas and Profesor Emilio Orozco streets.


The IMD obtained were 13703 for motorised vehicles and for 1135 bicycles, which means that bicycles are a 7.64% of traffic in this point, even overcoming the 11% at 14:00, 15:00 and 18:45.

Hereafter we show the IMH of motorised vehicles against bicycles:

And the percentage of use of the road in respect to the sidewalk for bicycles as well:

Bike counts 2019

During 2019 there have been made 24 hour counts in Gran Vía de Colón and Camino de Ronda for several days. Also, there have been done countings in several points in the city, at least 15 minutes duration, in several days. This way, there have been used two metodologies previously mentioned.

This year, we made differentiated countings between PMV and bicycles. Still differentiate in contings the location of bicycle/pmv, this is, if it circulates on road, sidewalk or cyclist infrastructure (if it does exist in this point).

Gran Vía de Colón

There have been made 24 hour countings in January and July 2019.

There have been noticed an increasement of 400% in the use of PMV in this point compared to countings made in January 2019.

Type of vehicle% average in 2019
Rest of motorised vehicles93.27%
LocationBIKE % average in 2019PMV % average in 2019

There also have been noticed a decreasement of bicycles on sidewalks in this section of Gran Vía.

Camino de Ronda

The 24 hour count have been made between river Genil and Aviacion roundabout. This point has segregated cyclist infrastructure (sidewalk-bike) and there have been counted bikes, pmv and rest of motorised vehicles, distinguishing for the two first vehicles if circulate on road, sidewalk or cyclist infrastructure.

Type of vehicle% in 2019
Rest of motorised vehicles94.12%
LocationBIKE % in 2019PMV % in 2019
On Cyclist infrastructureInfraestructura ciclista59.12%63.24%
On Road6.2%8.82%
On Sidewalk34.67%27.94%

As we can see, we have noticed both an increasement in percentage of use of cyclist infrastructure, and a decreasement of use of sidewalks in this section of Camino de Ronda. It is still a third of bikes circulating on roads.

Countings around the city

To estimate the use of bicycle and PMV in the city, there have been made traffic countings in 32 points of the city, throughout the districts, at least 15 minutes duration. The results are:

Countings bike 2019 granada

To sum up, in 2019, percentage of total use of bike and PMV in traffic is 5.34%.

Bike counts 2020

There have been made 24 hours countings in some traffic hot spots of the city in the second fortnight June 2020 and a second counting on the last week of September 2020.

These countings have the same methodology, we differenciate bicycles, pmv and rest of vehicles, considerating hourly distribution throughout the day. Also, for bikes and pmv, also consider if they circulate on road or cyclist infrastructure (if it does exist) or sidewalk.

Gran Vía de Colón

The counting point is the very same than in last years.

Comparing to last year, triples the percentage of PMV use in Gran Vía adn doubles the use of bicycle in June countings. Comparing June to September, percentage of no emmissions means of transport remains, but the use of PMV increases and of bicycles decreases.
To sum up, individual no emmission means of transport double their use in Gran Vía.

Type of vehicle% in June 2020% in September 2020
Rest of vehicles88.21%88.20%

Total percentage of bikes and pmv circulating on sidewalks is 7.29% of bikes and pmv circulating through Gran Vía in June 2020, in September, percentage of use of sidewalks keep decreasing, down to a 4.93%.
Comparing to last year, use of sidewalks reduces greatly.

LocationJune 2020September 2020Total 2020
On Sidewalk7.54%5.62%5.09%4.29%6.3%4.76%
On road92.46%94.38%94.91%95.71%93.69%95.23%

Comparing countings of June and September, in the latter case there are 1500 vehicles more than in the first one.

Camino de Ronda

Counting in June 2020

In Camino de Ronda there have been made 24 hour countings in three traffic points:

  • Between Aviación roundabout and river Genil (SOUTH)
  • Between Méndez Núñez and Cañaveral (CENTER)
  • Between Ramón y Cajal and Jesse Owens (NORTH)

In these countings we keep the same methodology, we difference between bikes, pmv and rest of vehicles. For the two first types, we distinguish if they circulate on road or pavement (except in the first counting point, becouse, since there is a bike-sidewalk, we differenciate bikes and pmv on bike-sidewalk from those going on the road or sidewalk).

Rest of vehicles92,04%92,22%91,92%

Of the first counting point we have countings of previous years, and we notice that the use of bikes and pmv increases more than a 2% compared to 2019.

On Sidewalk3,2%3,24%11,05%7,66%14,03%8,68%
on Sidewalk-bike35,44%32,01%--------
On Road61,36%64,75%88,95%92,34%85,97%91,32%

Counting on September 2020

There have made in the same three points than in June.

Rest of vehicles91.69%90.46%91.82%
On Sidewalk2.53%0.37%12.87%6.67%10.24%1.59%
On Sidewalk-bike27.86%11.48%--------
On Road69.6%88.15%87.13%93.33%89.76%98.41%

Juan Pablo II Avenue

The counting has bee made in Juan Pablo II Avenue, between Tete Montoliú and El Guerra, only on June 2020.

Type of vehicle% en 2020
Rest of vehicles96.82%
LocationBIKE %PMV %
On Sidewalk25,96%33,33%
On Road74,04%66,67%


Countings made in Arabial, between Camino de Purchil and Roundabout Arabial, has only one sense of traffic circulation. It has been made both in June and September 2020.

Type of vehicle% in June 2020% in September 2020
Rest of vehicles97.02%98.01%

We can notice that the use of these sustainable means of transport have decreased compared to motorised vehicles in both two countings of the year. We find an increasement of the use of motorised vehicles.
If we compare to last years countings, percentage remains.

LocationJune 2020September 2020Total 2020
On Sidewalk28,31%22,22%21.24%12.12%25.9%16.66%
On Road71,69%77,78%78.76%87.88%74.09%83.33%

26,51 % PMV and bicycles circulating on sidewalk, is the worst date in countings in respect to this factor. There should be taken in consideration that, since it has only one sense of circulation, there have been made some movements in contrary sense on sidewalks to get to Zaidin district.

Summary countings junio-2020

Of all points mentioned, we have a density of 7500 vehicles in 6 points of traffic in 24 hour countings. 5400 of them are bicycles or PMV, this is, there vehicles mean a 7,16% traffic of the city in June 2020. In last years, is was betweendel tráfico de la ciudad en junio de 20 4.5 and 6%.

It has been achieved a reduction of half use of bicycles and PMV on sidewalks.

Summary countings September-2020

Comparing June and September data, keeps decreasing the use of bicycles and PMVs on sidewalks and pedestrian zones.

It keeps increasing the use of PMV in the city.

Resumen aforos 2020

For 24 hours countings made in different points, we have listed almost 140.000 vehicles. Being more than 10.000 of them bicycles and PMVs.

To sum up, bikes mean a 6.12% of vehicles listed and PMV a 1.64%, this is, both mean a 7.77% of traffic.

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