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Cycling infrastructure

Bike lanes, sharrows, bus-bike lanes, etc. Maps

Cycling infrastructure

On the following map we can see the location of ciclyst infrastructure (bicycle lanes, bicyle sidewalks, cycle roads and bus-cycle lanes) across the city of Granada.

You can download cyclist infra of Granada in KML file.

The principal axises are:

  • Bus-cycle lane Poeta Manuel de Góngora
  • Cycle lane Emperador Carlos V - Andrés Segovia
  • Cycle lane Circunvalación (A44 highway)
  • Cycle lane Norte
  • Cycle lane Churriana - Granada
  • Cycle lane PTS
  • Cycle lane Camino de Ronda

infraestructura ciclista de Luis Amador infraestructura ciclista de Fontiveros infraestructura ciclista de Poeta Manuel de Góngora infraestructura ciclista de Neptuno infraestructura ciclista de Eudoxia Piriz

Also, bicycle users can circulate through bus-taxi lanes and access control points in Granada.

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