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Educational and Road Safety Center of City of Granada reports and educate about Road Safety, organize prevention activities, campaigns and educational projects.

Centro de Educación en Seguridad Vial

Educational Center in Road Safety

The CEV of the Citizens Protection and Mobility Dept. of the Excellency City Council of Granada is located in Huerta del Rasillo.


  • Prevention of traffic accidents with information and Granadian's education.
  • To inform, educate and make the granadians awake of any age and type of displacement (pedestrian, traveller and driver) about Road Safety.
  • To increase safety and quality of our displacements.


These educational activities, campaigns and projects developed in the Educational Road Safety Center of the City Council of Granada are focused preferly to:

  • More vulnerable population: children, young people, people with special educational needs and elderly.
  • Promotion of more substainable and healthier means of transport: bicycle, Public Transport and motorbike/moped

Circuito del centro de educación en seguridad vial de Granada

Educational Activities

Children, Young and SEN

  • Theorical-practical courses in Primary, Secondary and High School:
    • Primary (4º EPO).
      Target: Teach the pedestrian behaviours, cyclist and traveller with their rules, signals and values to be favourable for a safe and solidarity displacements.
      Contents: Theorical-practical with educational material made in the Center (folders, interactive notebooks...).

      Activities in CEV Actividades en el CEV

    • Secondary (2º ESO), High School and FP.
      Target: make aware, teach knowledges, habits and positive attitudes for a safer driving with motorized vehicles (cars, motorbikes and quads) and cycles.
      Contents : Theorical-practical material made in the Center (notebooks, informative leaflet about alcohol, helmets, roundabouts… ).

      Activities in CEV Activities in CEV

  • Cyclists Conferences

    Cyclists conferences in Granada Cyclists conferences in Granada

    Cyclists conferences in Granada Cyclists conferences in Granada

  • Young Riders Conferences
    It celebrates once a year (normally in October with good weather) to encourage "safer driving" habits between riders of Granada.
    Listeners: Those young people initiated in two wheels vehicles that want to drive their motorbike but to learn safe driving skills with experienced and famous riders.

    Activities in CEV Activities in CEV

  • Round-tables discussions sessions in High Schools.
    Focused to High School or Formative Cicles to inform, in a multidisciplinary way,of all the subjects about Road Safety to know: Psychology, pólice, legal advice, accidents injured evidences, 112 - 061.
    The SCHEDULE of this activity is every Monday in the academic school year from 12 to 14 hours.

    Activities in CEV

  • Traffic School Controllers:
    Focused to students of 6 course primary school or ESO, who are very worried about Safety in their Educational Center and look after a safe and organized way out of the Center.
    It is voluntary to take part of this project and they recieve a formative course and vests, stops paddle and whistle to regulate the students movements with the help of the traffic lights and pedestrian crossings (duration: around 7-8 minutes).
    At the end of the year the volunteer recieve a certifícate and presents in an institutional act leaded by the Excellency Major and other authorities.
    SCHEDULE: this course is given in october and the project duration is the academic school year.

    Reguladores escolares Reguladores escolares Reguladores escolares

  • Route to school:

    Reguladores escolares Reguladores escolares

    Reguladores escolares-->

Application form for Educational Activities


  • Intergenerational conferences

Jornadas Mayores Jornadas Mayores


  • Drawing competitions:
    "Once upon a bus... and its travellers" sponsored by Rober and where children of 4º and young people of 2º ESO design a Granada where they want to live in, making suggestions and giving ideas that they write down on notebooks, folders... and all that material is delivered.
    SCHEDULE: It's an anual contest and there is an exhibition at the end of the course in the City Council courtyard with a prize-giving party with the Excellency Major and other authorities.
  • Drawing contest

  • Campaigns
  • Alcohol, "in itinere" routes, public transport, pedestrians , Hoja de Rescate...

    Bus Búho Prefiero ir en bus Prefiero ir en bus Hoja de rescate Hoja de rescate Hoja de rescate

Collaboration with companies

Activities with Contributors

Activities in CEV Activities in CEV Activities in CEV


Ponle freno junior award given to Granada City Council

The mayor of Granada receives the award

Ponle Freno has celebrated on the 13 March at the Senate its V edition of these awards, to reward people, actions, entities and public organism that have cooperated on the improvement of road safety in our country.

The Ponle Freno awards 2013 were given at the Senate, an initiative to fight for the Road Safety of Antena 3 group that has been granted the Ponle freno junior award to Granada City Council thanks for the labour done in these last 25 years in the Educational Road Safety Center.

This award was recieved by his Excellency Major Mr. José Torres Hurtado and the Representative of the Citizens Protection and Mobility Department Mrs. Telesfora Ruiz and the technics of the mentioned center as well.

The Educational Road Safety Center in the city of Granada was created in 1987 and with a complete labour in educational and road safety. This award, Ponle Freno Junior award, has been given by Maurizio Carlotti, Vicepresident of ATRESMEDIA and received by Mr. José Torres Hurtado, Major of Granada.

This center was created on 1987 with a complete labour in educational and road safety. Its activities are foused to primary and secondary schoolchilds of the city, disabled schoolchilds and bikers; with safe routes to school projects, drawing competitions, radiophonic and educational material. In these 25 years more than 220000 people joined these activities.

This center also cooperates with diverse entities and public and private organism to spread Road Safety in Granada.

ponle freno junior award

Granada City Major, José Torres Hurtado, has received Ponle freno award, an Antena 3 group , Onda Cero and AXA initiative that reward this accident awareness labour by the Educational Road Safety Center in the City of Granada in these 25 years.

Beside the president of the Senate and the road safety comission parlamentaries, also atended to this act, the General Director of Road Safety, experts in the automobilistic sections and companies dedicated to road safety activities.

This educational road safety center also made in 2012 an urban road safety plan, highly valuated by the General Traffic Delegation, besides other campaignes of school activities and investigation.

The efforts and work in benefit of road safety are decided in other initiatives and activities. So, well, in 1995 the City Council joined the Social Agreement for Road Safety signed by the Senate on the 26th of April 1994, and with the compromiso of making the road safety problems in an imperative actuations; and in 1998 joined the European Agreement of the pedestrian rights.

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Ponle Freno awards gala

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