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Tourist docks

Location of tourist docks: reserved docks for stop and loading and unloading passenger and tourist bus in Neptuno Street, Fuente Nueva Street, Paseo de los Basilios, Paseo del Salón and Carretera de Murcia (Near to Mirador de San Cristóbal).

Tourist docks

To ease visitor´s access to the city, Granada City Council sets up some Tourist Transport Docks in the main places of the Historic City Center.

These docks are set aside for Tourist Transport, although, in some cases, are also used by public urban transport.


Docks are situated in:

  • Fuentenueva Avenue,
    close to Cathedral (maximum stop: 10 min to get on or get off). Motorway A-44. Exit 128 Méndez Núñez
  • Mirador de San Cristóbal (Balcony of San Cristóbal),
    in Albaicín (maximum stop: 10 min to get on or get off)
  • Neptuno street,
    close to Historic City Center (maximum stop: 30 min to get on or get off ). Motorway A-44. Exit 129 Recogidas.
  • Paseo de la Bomba,
    close to Fountain of Las Titas (get off passengers from 9:00 to 21:00). Motorway A-395. Exit [Alhambra - Centro Ciudad - Lancha del Genil - Cenes de la Vega].
    Bus must turn off the engine.

Dársena turística en paseo de la bomba


To control these tourist docks there have been installed 6 surveillance cameras connected to CGIM.

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Visitor info

Recommended itineraries to get in and out, to and from every tourist docks are::

Tourist dock in Neptuno street

Neptuno street

In Neptuno St. we find two tourist docks, one in each side of the road.Because they are settled in both senses of circulation,you can access them from the motorway( A-44) using different ways.

To get to the dock located on the ascent side and get back to the motorway: A-44 – Neptuno St. - Dock Stop - Arabial - Doctor Alejandro Otero - Eudoxia Piriz - A-44.

To get to the dock located on the descent side and get back to the motorway: A-44 - Virgen Blanca - Arabial - Neptuno - Dock Stop - Neptuno - A-44.

Fuente Nueva avenue

To get to Fuente Nueva dock: A44 - Guitarrista Manuel Cano - Méndez Núñez - Fuente Nueva – Dock stop - Festival Internacional de Música y Danza roundabout - From this roundabout, take Severo Ochoa St. - Avenida de Madrid to Albaicín or Fuente Nueva in desdending sense - Méndez Núñez - A44 (if you want to leave the city).

Tourist dock in Mirador de San Cristóbal

Mirador de San Cristóbal

From Fuente Nueva access: Severo Ochoa - Avenida de Madrid - San Isidro Square - Avenida de Murcia - Carretera de Murcia – Dock stop. Following Carretera de Murcia to El Fargue you will get to A92.

Paseo de la Bomba

Recommended way to get there and leave the city is: A44 - A395 - Carretera de la Sierra - Plaza del Duque San Pedro de Galatino - Paseo de la Bomba - Dock stop - Paseo del Salón - Plaza del Humilladero - Paseo del Violón - Avenida Fernando de los Ríos - Avenida de la Ciencia - Eudoxia Piriz - A44

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Tourist Information

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