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Hotel establishments in the city of Granada. Recommended ways to Access them.


Getting to

In the following map you could see recommended ways to each access control zone.Depending on every case the itinerary may vary. You have always to get informed before in reception of your hotel or emailing us at

In addition to restricted access, in Granada there are special protection lanes for public transport that can not be traveled by private vehicles, although your hotel is in areas of restricted access.

  • Access to Hotels in Realejo and Carrera de la Virgen
    If your hotel is located in Carrera de la Virgen zone or in Realejo district, you can get there from GR30 -> Fernando de los Ríos Avenue -> Paseo del Violón -> Acera del Darro (right lane is a bus lane controlled by camera, use left lane until you reach Puente Castañeda St.) -> Ángel Ganivet -> Mariana Pineda Square.
  • Access to Hotels in Recogidas zone
    If your hotel is located in the Recogidas zone, you can get there: From GR30 -> Neptuno -> Recogidas. Access control restricts ascending sense in Recogidas St.
  • Access to Hotels in City Center/Sagrario/Trinidad square
    GR30-> Guitarrista Manuel Cano -> Méndez Núñez -> Fuente Nueva -> Melchor Almagro -> Carril del Picón -> Tablas
  • Access to Hotels in Elvira - Gran Vía - Bajo Albaicín
    If your hotel is located around Gran Vía / Elvira, use this recommended route: GR30->Guitarrista Manuel Cano -> Méndez Núñez -> Fuente Nueva -> Severo Ochoa -> underground way -> Madrid Avenue-> San Isidro Square -> Ancha de Capuchinos (bus lane on the right lane of circulation, use left lane) -> Capitán Moreno -> Triunfo Square-> Elvira St.If your hotel is in Down Albaicin, beyond Cárcel Baja St.,despite the access control point, you can use it. If your hotel is located in Carrera del Darro or in the adjacents streets, you can circulate through Carrera del Darro.
  • Access to Hotels in High Albaicín
    If your hotel is located in High Albaicin, we recommend this route: GR30 -> Juan Pablo II -> Tete Montoliu -> Pulianas Avenue (Bus lane on the right side of the road, use left lane) -> Murcia Avenue -> Carretera de Murcia -> Pagés St. (Bollards access control, you must give your car´s number plate before getting to this point to the hotel).
    Also: GR30 -> Méndez Núñez -> Severo Ochoa -> Madrid Avenue -> Murcia Avenue -> Carretera de Murcia -> Pagés St. (Bollards access control, you must give your car´s number plate before getting to this point to the hotel).


Granada City has many hotels along its districts. Obviously, there are some of them in the restricted areas.

Hotel guests will be considered as hotel residents, according to Municipal Access Control Ordinance. Thanks to that, guests can use their cars in the restricted area that their hotel belongs to.

Each hotel has diverse access control authorized. Ask your hotel before starting your trip. Not all the hotels have authorization to get into the restricted zones.

Bus lanes are not allowed to use for hotel guests (except for hotels situated on the reserved public transport lane and there is not other way available to get there).

If you have to get through an access control point regulated by bollards: Give the number plate of your car to the hotel before getting there.

When you arrive to the hotel, , inform the recepcionist about your car´s number plate and the itinerary you´ve taken to get there. If you don´t , hotel can not send us the number plante of your car and if you have trespassed any access control without authorization will be fined.

Before starting your trip, get informed where to park: in the parking of the hotel, in a public parking near the hotel, on surface. You can get more information in your hotel. .


Before you get into the city center with your car:

  • Check your itinerary to your destination before using the car.
  • Check if you have to get through some access control point or bus lanes controlled by bollards or camera. If yes, ask if you can get through it or how to get an authorization.
  • Update the maps of your GPS navigator.
  • Get informed about your parking possibilities: on surface (a very limited parking places) or a public parking.
  • If you need more info, you can email us to


The previous map shows all the stablishments that have a cooperation agreement with CGIM, sending their guests car´s number plates to a safe application that avoids them from getting a traffic fine when they use access controls.

Around the city

The best thing to do is to park your car when you arrive to the hotel and use public transports or getting to places on foot.

Normally, there are short distances, so you can move along the city as pedestrian with no problem. If you want to get to the hills (Albaicin, Sacromonte and the Alhambra) you can use urban buses to ease the way.

Every hotel has bus stops near them, get informed about them and the urban buses lines and their timetables as well.

You also have a taxi service. From the hotel you can ask for one or get to the closer taxi stop. They are located all around the city.

Routes to every hotel

In this section we show a hotel list of every hostelry stablishment in the restricted zone and have the software for sending their guest´s number plate.

Attached to every hotel, we present a map and a KML file with a presonalized itinerary from the motorway GR-30 to the hotel, from there to the nearest public parking and leaving the hotel to the motorway GR-30, notifying about access controls and bus lanes in the area.


In the maps attached to the hotels you will find the arrival itinerary in red, the parking itinerary in blue and the leaving itinerary in green. In some cases, the access to the hotel must be on foot, because it is situated in a pedestrian zone, so we use a yellow line to indicate the pedestrian way.

Remember that these are only suggestions. May be your hotel has some kind of offer or association wth some other parking. Ask your hotel firs always.

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