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CGIM Granada

Center for the Complete Management of Mobility in the City of Granada.

Center for the Complete Management of Mobility

Mobility management in the City of Granada is developed in CGIM thanks to the integration of different subsystems.

The Center for the Integrated Management of Mobility of the Excellency City Council of Granada was inaugurated the 15th. of March of 2007 by its Excellency Mayor Mr. José Torres Hurtado.

Embodies the concept of unity in the urban mobility management, and represents one step forward to its antecessor the Traffic Control Center located in Huerta del Rasillo, inaugurated in February 1989, and exclusively orientated to the traffic lights centralization management.



  • Citizens information
  • Planification and management of Road Network and Transport Systems to optimize the modal distribution
  • Protection of more vulnerable areas
  • Protection and encouragement of Public Transport to stimulate a more sustainable mobility
  • Minimize delays and regularize displacements speed
  • Road Safety improvement

User information, Planning and Road Safety, Accesses Control, Traffic lights and public transport

To fulfill the previous objectives, it developes the next tasks related to/with mobility:

  • Information:
    1. Through radiophonic transmissions
    2. Information electronic panels
    3. Web Page
  • Citizen´s assistance:
    1. Report making relative to traffic lights installations function on request both individuals and Official Body
    2. Telephone information to citizens
    3. Cooperation in different by-laws making progress
    4. Management and process of licenses both hotel guests and residents in controlled areas
    5. Report making and video watching incidents ocurried in the bolard Access control
  • Traffic lights centralization and Traffic Control:
    1. Live and regular cheking thanks to CCTV and magnetics detectors.
    2. Adequacy to real traffic situation with tamper-sharing, offsets and other funcionalities to traffic lights intersections
    3. Incidence notifications that affect traffic lights regulation(Failure, breakdown…)
    4. Coordination and Cooperation with Granada City Police
  • Access control to restricted areas:
    1. Management of access control with bolards
    2. Penalties making procedure with number plate capture cameras when getting through restricted traffic zones
  • Bus lanes control:
    1. Bus lane definition
    2. Management and surveillance of the proper functioning of cameras located on Only Bus lanes
    3. Penalties making procedure
  • Touristic docks control:
    1. Camera control system to keep touristic dosks empty to ease touristic buses loading and unloading passengers.
    2. In cooperation with Granada City Police
  • Geographical information system:
    1. Mapification
    2. Inventory
    3. Análisis
  • Traffic Engineering:
    1. Intersections Programming and Desinging
    2. Plans generation
    3. Calculation of coordination (green wave)
    4. Surveillance and control of under construction zones
    5. Study and supervision of under construction diversions
    6. Projects implementations
    7. Traffic simulations
    8. Data acquirement with manual count system in the street
    9. Road Safety Plans
  • Business Intelligence:
    1. Strategies and tolos focused on administration and knowledge creation with data analysis in the Mobility Area
    2. Collect different data bases in a common datawarehouse (DataWarehouse)
    3. Automatic report generation (DataMining)


El CGIM of Delegation of Citizen´s Protection and Mobility of the Excellency City Council of Granada is located in:

Fuerzas Armadas Avenue (without number)
Administrative Complex"Los Mondragones" - Building A, 2nd. flat
18071 - Granada

The access to the Administrative Complex with public transport is easy. There are several bus stops very close on foot that allow us to get to the main public transport lines, both urban and intercity.

Watch Access to C.A. Mondragones in a larger map

Acceso a Pie al CGIM

Struture of CGIM

The Center for the Complete Management of Mobility, located in Building A of the Administrative Complex “Los Mondragones”, has several separated rooms where different functions are developed.

 3D View of Center for the Integrated Management of Mobility

3D view of CGIM

  • Server Room.
    Physically separated from the rest of the complex for a thermic and acoustic isolation, we find different servers where data bases,web, calculus and comunication with the rest of the subsystems are kept. Also UPS and communication devices are there.
  • Control Room.
    It makes the neuralgic center of CGIM. Here we found several operator places, responsable traffic lights man in charge and Coordination man in charge of City Local Police. We find Videowall and different screens that shows live traffic hotspots in Granada, and also graphic interfaces of the different applications that controls and monitorizes traffic .
  • Tecnical Drawing Department.
    Performes maintenance labours of Geographical Information System of traffic lights installations in the City.
  • Traffic Engineering Department.
    In highest coordination with traffic control center, performes diverse traffic engineering jobs.
  • Access Control.
    Operators control the bolard system and check the proper functioning of the penalties making procedure by number plate capture cameras.
  • Bus lanes penalties and Access Control.
    It has several places for City Local Police , where penaltiese generated by the system are approved.
  • Meeting Room.
    Here different coordination meetings have place, both Mobility area and work supervisors, that affects city mobility. It also counts with a proyector for presentations.


The CGIM department of the City Council in Granada doesn´t have customer service, But also has a Customer Service in Citizen´s Protection and Mobility Delegation, also located in the Los Mondragones Administrative Complex(building B, 2nd. floor), with opening hours in the morning from 10:00 to 13:00 hours.

CGIM staff and traffic lights technicians working hours is 24 hours a day.

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