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Traffic data

Traffic data. Traffic measurement points in the city of Granada

Traffic data

Distributed throughout the city of Granada we have a series of Traffic Measurement Points. These measurement points are implemented by means of electromagnetic loop vehicle detectors or artificial vision cameras that count vehicles and measure occupancy per traffic lane..

espira electromagnética cámara visión artificial


In the following map you can check the location of the different measurement points of the city. Each one has an associated code, its address, the direction of the traffic it measures, the number of lanes and its location coordinates.

You can download that in: KMZ, KML, GEOJSON y CSV.

Graphic visualization of traffic data

You can clic 2 webpages for grafic visualization of traffic data: by point of messurement (street and sense of circulation), and by traffic detector (lane).

Mesurement point  Traffic detector

Select the month-year and a drop-down list of the measurement points or detectors that obtained sufficient data for that time period will appear. Choose the measurement point or detector you wish to view. A series of graphs will appear with the IMH for that month, showing the evolution on the different days of the week.

Evolution of traffic data

Below we present a graph as an indicator of global demand in the city of Granada since 2015. The data represented is the ADT (per measured traffic lane) for each month since 2015.

In the following graph you can see the average value of all the AADT of each year for each traffic lane measured.

Data download

Below we provide you with a set of CSV files with traffic intensity data by measurement point, month and year, since 2015.

The data is aggregated by measurement point, month and year.

We have generated a ZIP file per year that contains 12 folders for each of the months. Within these folders there is a CSV file for each measurement point that has provided data sufficiently and correctly..

Every CSV file contains:

  • MP ID
  • Address
  • coordinates
  • ADT of that month
  • AHT for that month for every weekday

Streets of Granada

Download in SHP format the Granada Municipal Streets Data file, updated in 2021, in ETRS89. This file contains both senses of traffic of main streets of Granada and those streets that are included in bus routes.
You can get street code, number of lanes, sense, permited speed, etc..

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