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Recogidas Street

Access control in Recogidas street, restricting the access to the town Center.

Recogidas Street

Access Control

According to Access Control Municipal Regulatory Ordinance in Granada, there is an access control in Recogidas street (Puerta Real sense of circulation).


Access control is made by number plate capture-camera, with working hours:

From: 07:30
To: 22:00

If you have a Loading and Unloading Card of the Granada City Council Mobility Department you can get into resticted area in this scheduled hours:

Morning Afternoon
From 08:00 to 11:00 From 15:00 to 18:00


This access control point is located on:

  • Recogidas street
    After Solarillo de Gracia and Doctor Martín Lagos intersection.

Watch Access control at Recogidas St in a larger map

Recogidas st

This control point is indicated before the beginning of the street (roundabout in Neptuno street and Camino de Ronda) Access through Recogidas street is allowed from Camino de Ronda to Dr. Martín Lagos street.


List of streets that belongs to restricted zone "CENTER" (Recogidas street)

  • Recogidas street
    From number 1 to 29.
    From number 2 to 24.

  • San Antón street
    From number 1 to 25.
    From number 2 to 16.

  • Acera del Darro
    From number 2 to 42.

  • Puerta Real street
    Numbers 3, 4 and 5.

  • Mesones street
    Number 1.

  • Pegarrecio street.

  • Pino street.

  • Frailes street.

  • Padre Alcover street. From number 1 to 15. From number 2 to 12.

Refillable application form to request a Resident Card of Recogidas street:


You must have installed any program that recognises PDF to see the previous file.

Hotel Customers

Hotel customers in the restricted area are considered residents, and therefore, authorized to get through access control point. They must communicate their car´s number plate in the hotel´s reception, so the stablishment could send their reservation data to the Center for the Integrated Management of Mobility.

Don´t forget to give your number plate to the hotel.

If you are going to get to the hotel through Recogidas street, you can give your number plate once you are in the hotel.

Ask your hotel recommended ways to get there and where to park.

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